Retek business consists of three platforms:Motors,Die-Casting and CNC manufacturing and wire harne with three manufacturing sites. Retek motors being supplied for residential fans, vents, boats,air plane,medical facilities,laboratory facilities,trucks and other automotive machines. Retek wire harness applied for medical facilities, automobile, and household appliances.


  • Outer rotor motor-W6430

    Outer rotor motor-W6430

    The outer rotor motor is an efficient and reliable electric motor widely used in industrial production and household appliances. Its core principle is to place the rotor outside the motor.  It uses an advanced outer rotor design to make the motor more stable and efficient during operation. The outer rotor motor has a compact structure and high power density, allowing it to provide greater power output in a limited space. It also has low noise, low vibration and low energy consumption, making it perform well in a variety of application scenarios.


    External rotor motors are widely used in wind power generation, air conditioning systems, industrial machinery, electric vehicles and other fields. Its efficient and reliable performance makes it an indispensable part of various equipment and systems.