Retek business consists of three platforms:Motors,Die-Casting and CNC manufacturing and wire harne with three manufacturing sites. Retek motors being supplied for residential fans, vents, boats,air plane,medical facilities,laboratory facilities,trucks and other automotive machines. Retek wire harness applied for medical facilities, automobile, and household appliances.

EC Fan Motors

  • Cost-Effective Air Vent BLDC Motor-W7020

    Cost-Effective Air Vent BLDC Motor-W7020

    This W70 series brushless DC motor(Dia. 70mm) applied rigid working circumstances in automotive control and commercial use application.

    It is designed particularly for economic demand customers for their fans, ventilators, and air purifiers.

  • Energy Star Air Vent BLDC Motor-W8083

    Energy Star Air Vent BLDC Motor-W8083

    This W80 series brushless DC motor(Dia. 80mm), another name we call it 3.3 inch EC motor, integrated with controller embedded. It is connected directly with AC power source such as 115VAC or 230VAC.

    It is particularly developed for future energy saving blowers and fans used in North American and European markets.

  • Industrial Durable BLDC Fan Motor-W89127

    Industrial Durable BLDC Fan Motor-W89127

    This W89 series brushless DC motor(Dia. 89mm), is designed for industrial application such as helicopters, speedboad,commercial air curtains,and other heavy duty blowers which requires IP68 standards.

    The significant feature of this motor is it can be used in very harsh environment in high temperature, high humid and vibration circumstances.

  • Refrigerator fan Motor -W24

    Refrigerator fan Motor -W24

    This motor is easy to install and compatible with a wide range of refrigerator models. It is a perfect replacement for worn-out or malfunctioning fan motors, restoring the cooling function of your refrigerator and extending its lifespan.