Retek business consists of three platforms:Motors,Die-Casting and CNC manufacturing and wire harne with three manufacturing sites. Retek motors being supplied for residential fans, vents, boats,air plane,medical facilities,laboratory facilities,trucks and other automotive machines. Retek wire harness applied for medical facilities, automobile, and household appliances.


  • Seed Drive brushed DC motor- D63105

    Seed Drive brushed DC motor- D63105

    The Seeder Motor is a revolutionary brushed DC motor designed to meet the diverse needs of the agricultural industry. As the most basic driving device of a planter, the motor plays a vital role in ensuring smooth and efficient seeding operations. By driving other important components of the planter, such as the wheels and seed dispenser, the motor simplifies the entire planting process, saving time, effort and resources, and promises to take planting operations to the next level.


    It is durable for harsh vibration working condition with S1 working duty, stainless steel shaft, and anodizing surface treatment with 1000 hours long life requirement requirements.