Retek business consists of three platforms:Motors,Die-Casting and CNC manufacturing and wire harne with three manufacturing sites. Retek motors being supplied for residential fans, vents, boats,air plane,medical facilities,laboratory facilities,trucks and other automotive machines. Retek wire harness applied for medical facilities, automobile, and household appliances.


  • Robust Brushed DC Motor-D91127

    Robust Brushed DC Motor-D91127

    Brushed DC motors offer advantages like cost-effectiveness, reliability and suitability for extreme operating environments. One tremendous benefit they provide is their high ratio of torque-to-inertia. This makes many brushed DC motors well-suited to applications requiring high levels of torque at low speeds.

    This D92 series brushed DC motor(Dia. 92mm) is applied for rigid working circumstances in commercial and industrial application such as tennis thrower machines, precision grinders, automotive machines and etc.