Retek business consists of three platforms:Motors,Die-Casting and CNC manufacturing and wire harne with three manufacturing sites. Retek motors being supplied for residential fans, vents, boats,air plane,medical facilities,laboratory facilities,trucks and other automotive machines. Retek wire harness applied for medical facilities, automobile, and household appliances.


  • Outer rotor motor-W4920A

    Outer rotor motor-W4920A

    Outer rotor brushless motor is a type of axial flow, permanent magnet synchronous, brushless commutation motor. It is mainly composed of an outer rotor, an inner stator, a permanent magnet, an electronic commutator and other parts, because the outer rotor mass is small, the moment of inertia is small, the speed is high, the response speed is fast, so the power density is more than 25% higher than the inner rotor motor.

    Outer rotor motors are used in a wide range of applications, including but not limited to: electric vehicles, drones, home appliances, industrial machinery, and aerospace. Its high power density and high efficiency make external rotor motors the first choice in many fields, providing powerful power output and reducing energy consumption.