Diaphragm Pumps Have The Following Notable Specifications

● Good suction lift is an important characteristic. Some of them are low-pressure pumps with low discharges, while others are able to produce higher flow rates, depending on the diaphragm effective operation diameter and stroke length. They can work with a relatively high concentration of solid content of sludge and slurries.

● Pump design separates the fluid from potentially sensitive internal pump components.

● Internal pump parts are often suspended and isolated within the oil to extent pump longevity.

● Diaphragm pumps are suitable for running in abrasive and corrosive media to pump abrasive, corrosive, toxic, and flammable liquids.

● Diaphragm pumps can deliver the discharge pressure up to 1200 bar.

● Diaphragm pumps have great efficiencies, up to 97%.

● Diaphragm pumps can be used in artificial hearts.

● Diaphragm pumps offer proper dry running characteristics.

● Diaphragm pumps can be applied as filters in small fish tanks.

● Diaphragm pumps have excellent self-priming capabilities.

●Diaphragm pumps can work appropriately in highly viscous liquids.

Retek Diaphragm Pump Typical Application


To fulfill the customers demand, Retek developed successfully a diaphragm pump which can be used in metering pump and also fragrance machines in the year 2021. Specifically this pump life time reach over 16000 hours after 3 years repeat testing.

Key Features

1. Brushless DC Motor implemented

2. 16000hours durable lifetime

3. Silent brand NSK/SKF bearings used

4. Imported plastic materials adopted for injection

5. Excellence performance in noise and EMC testing. 


Dimensional Drawing


Technical specification as below


We are also capable to custom make the similar pump used in respirators and ventilators.


Post time: Mar-29-2022